A group of ordinary Australians got together to plan a way they could provide an active and enjoyable
lifestyle for the newly retired whilst still providing care and support to the older members of our
community. Their combined vision and ideas became TORBAY.
As one of Hervey Bay’s leading Aged Care providers, TORBAY caters to everyone who is looking for
a lifestyle that suits them.

Independent lifestyles as well as higher support needs are catered for, as we carry on the TORBAY
vision by providing First Class Service across all levels of care.
Common areas include a library, family lounge area, dining room, activities hall, and TV lounges.

Residents and families have access to all common areas. A fully stocked library is provided as well as
a thrift shop that sells secondhand clothing, kitchen items and jewellery.
There is a coffee shop situated next to the thrift shop to have a chat and relax after all that shopping.

There is also a fully operational Chapel with regular services.
Leisure & lifestyle staff provide resident activities. Bus services, including wheelchair friendly
transport are provided for scheduled activities at no cost to residents. A range of activities are
provided which include exercise groups, regular outings for shopping, shows, lunches and community

We use our own catering business with qualified chefs to prepare a varied menu of main meals and
snacks for residents to enjoy. We cater for all dietary needs and our chefs are focused on providing
delicious and nutritious meals.
The following are offered to our residents at an additional cost:

• Phone & Internet
• Café/Coffee Shop
• Hairdresser
• One on one assistance and transport to appointments such as doctors, dentist etc.

Rooms & Prices

This information is based on accommodation costs only. A Basic Daily Fee of 85% of the Australian
single pension will also be payable. Depending on your financial situation you may also need to be
pay for your care needs. Further information on these costs can be obtained through My Aged Care
which includes an aged care cost estimator or call 1800 200 422.

Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit, a daily payment, or a
combination of both. A refundable deposit is paid as a lump sum amount. A daily payment accrues
daily and is paid periodically, for example monthly. A combination payment includes both a partial
lump sum and daily payments.
A refundable accommodation deposit is 100% refundable upon leaving a facility and is only payable
depending on an assessment by Centrelink or Dept of Veterans Affairs.

The accommodation payment options provided in this document are based on maximum
amounts. The amount payable will depend on your financial situation and no accommodation
amount is payable for fully government supported customers. The level of Accommodation
Price is dependent on each individual residents’ circumstances and will be confirmed during
the admissions process.