How do I get started?

You can apply to My Aged Care to find out if you are eligible for aged care services.  You can apply online or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

What services are provided?

Torbay has 24/7 service to cater for all your care needs such as personal care, nursing, and therapy services.

We provide all meals, laundry, cleaning and social activities.

We offer respite for those that need short term residential aged care.  We also have a 30 bed dementia wing that provides a secure environment while still being able to access the outdoors and wander the many paths and gardens.

What are the costs?

What you pay depends on your needs and your financial circumstances.

Everyone pays a Basic Daily Care Fee which is currently $54.69 per day.

You may have to pay:

  • An Accommodation Cost (amounts are set out in the Key Features Statement)
  • A Means Tested Care Fee

Our helpful staff will be able to discuss these costs in more detail during the admission process.

What can I bring?

We encourage residents to bring a bit of their home when they move into Torbay.  With larger than average rooms, this means that items such as photos and small memorabilia can be added to the room to make it homelike.  Some people like to even bring their favourite chair.

Essential items to bring include:

  • Winter and summer clothes
  • Any mobility devices that you require

What are the visiting hours?

Due to Covid-19 visiting hours have been changed.  Please see below for our current visiting arrangements.  All visitors are required to check-in and complete screening.  Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is also required.

  • Monday and Wednesday – Check in from 8am to 4pm at Head Office.  RAT testing will be required
  • Saturday – Check in at the unit between 9am – 11am and 2pm – 4pm.    RAT testing will be required
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday – Check in at the unit

Can I spend a night with family or go away?

Yes, you can spend nights away.  Everyone gets 52 social days per year and this won’t cost anything extra. If you want to take more time you can, however you may be charged a fee as the Department of Human Services decreases your funding after the 52 days of social leave.  Your specific circumstance can be discussed with

Who is responsible for transport to private outings?

Private outings are normally your responsibility, however we do have a staff member on site that is available at a cost to take you out for example, to your doctor.